Executives Recruiting

Hiperion Capital is continuously analysing companies with financial and operative difficulties, in restructuring situations or with the necessity of reinforcing their management.

Hiperion looks for Executives and Entrepreneurs with the profile described below for filling the position of CEO, CFO and Sales Director:

  • BA in Finance or Engineering, either MBA’s.
  • Command of English required and proven track record in the markets where the company deals.
  • Track record as Managing Director, Financial Director and/or Sales Director..
  • At least five years of outstanding sectorial relationship.
  • Ability to work under pressure, with own initiative and leadership. Excellent communication skills.
  • Ability to prepare strategic plans and experience in implanting restructuring measures like 100 days plans, etc …
  • Previous experience in Boards of Director preparing financial and operative reports as well as business development presentations.
  • Labour flexibility.

We offer:

  • Opportunity of taking part in business projects with Hiperion support by means of participating in the Turnaround Fund investments as part of the management team.
  • Possibility to participate in the equity of the company.

In case of being interested, send cv to the next e-mail address

Deal Prospects (MBI’s y MBO´s)

Hiperion Capital makes itself available as Financial Partner for the Executives who need funds to undertake a restructuring Buy-Out or Buy-In Managements, contributing with a strong experience in Restructuring Finance, Managing Operations and Sectorial knowledge.
For further searching, please contact us in

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